Și totul e fascinant

Cum omul care zicea că nu va face copii în vecii vecilor a ajuns să-și admire pepenele de burtă, pipăind cu fascinație ființa dinăuntru, așteptând cu nerăbdare s-o cunoască.

Vreau doar să notez asta pentru situația în care voi uita: ultimele 8 luni au fost o minune de timp. Nici vorbă de chinuri și stresuri, cum se spune de fel că ar defini o sarcină. Acum cică ar mai fi trei săptămâni. Și cumva a ajuns să-mi pară rău că se încheie o perioadă atât de fascinantă.

Dar nu e bai, se pare că urmează una și mai și.

Getting Ready: Picking a Baby Bed

After long hours of research we decided to order the WALDIN Baby Beistellbett. We'll find out in the next months whether it was a good decision or not. Until then, here's what made us pick this bed:
1. Size & weight  Not too small, not too big. At 90x55cm this bed is slightly bigger than the classic baby beds (usually under 90x40cm), and it should provide our little one enough space for the first 9-12 months. Compared to other models it is also pretty light (15kg packaging included), allowing you to move it around easily.
2. Flexibility As first time parents we haven't yet decided upon an ideal spot for the baby bed. Before we do that, we want to experiment with all options and see what works best. Equipped with wheels and breaks, the baby bed from WALDIN is perfect just for that. It can be easily moved around and it can be used either s a standalone baby crib or as an extension to the parents' bed.
3. Price Relatively cheap to similar solutions on the market. Afte…

Getting Ready To Be a Parent in Berlin

Well... it's happening. September 2019 we'll finally meet him. Until then... I am learning new things every day about what it's like to be pregnant and what it's like to have a kid in Berlin. Here's a collection of what I found out so far. :)